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Five Winter SkinCare Tips From A Dermatologist

Winter Skin Care Routine

TIP 1: Take Lukewarm Showers and Apply A Cream Immediately Post Shower Even though it is cold outside and it may seem like a good idea, hot showers are very drying for the skin. Exposure to hot water can strip the skin of essential oils causing your skin to feel drier and cause itch. Keep your showers at a lukewarm temperature to prevent moisture loss and apply a moisturizing cream after your shower while your skin is still damp. TIP 2: Use the Right Cleanser You should be cleansing at least once a day to rid your skin of any dirt that may have accumulated. During the winter, make sure you’re using a hydrating formula. The newest generation of cleansers contain mild ingredients and actually give hydration benefits. I prefer and use cream-based formulas that give an effective cleanse but don't strip the skin of moisture and hydration. TIP 3: Moisturize Frequently Moisturizing is critical during the cold temperatures. Switch from a light moisturizer for a richer, more hydrating cream or ointment formula. It comforts and soothes dry skin while providing long-lasting hydration. TIP 4: Don’t Skip SPF Just because it's cold outside and there are fewer sunny days in the winter, doesn’t mean UV rays aren’t still capable of causing skin damage. Even low levels of UV light exposure can cause actinic photodamage. We are also all more on our laptops and phones which means exposure to blue light. So your sunscreen is key! TIP 5: Don’t Forget About Your Lips Your lips aren’t exempt from the effects of harsh winds and cold temperatures. Look for ingredients like Ceramides, Petrolatum, and fragrance free products.

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