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Acne On Your Chin and Jawline, Tech Neck and Crows Feet? Is Your Phone To Blame?

Are you on your phone more these days? 

Did you know there are skin effects due to spending too much time on your cell! Here's what you need to know to avoid tech neck, crows feet, and acne! Crow’s feet and tech neck are not the only side effects of too much time spent glued to your phone.  Acne breakouts especially on the chin and other areas of the face can be caused by your phone touching your skin and all the dirt and bacteria on the phone. Crows feet or wrinkles and lines in general are made by repetitive movements, so if you’re squinting and looking down at your cell  crow’s feet (lines around the eyes) and neck wrinkles (tech neck) will develop over time.  

If you’re face is breaking out more than usual, especially breakouts on the chin and jawline, your cell phone could be to blame.  Holding a dirty phone to your skin for prolonged periods can be the cause , the dirt on the phone mixed with the oils and makeup on your skin can lead to acne and acne cysts! To avoid breakouts due to bacteria,  try to wipe down your phone. 

An alcohol prep pad or wipe to remove any buildup of oil, makeup, or other germs before that call. 

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