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Dermatologists Tips For Indoor Winter Skin Care

It’s cold outside! As the temperatures drop your skin can become dry and itchy.

Indoor heating and all that dry air can make your skin drier and less hydrated here are a few tips to help you in these cold months.


So many of you told me you have a humidifier but don’t use it.

Like anything else you have to actually use it to see the befits. There are so many great options especially on line. Indoor heating, space heaters, sitting by a fireplace can all decrease moisture in the air. Humidifiers help to add moisture back into the environment. Having one in your bedroom is a great option.


I like to do this once a week. Lighting a candle and steaming your face for a short period approximately,10 to 15 minutes, is relaxing. Dermatologist tip: use rose water or chamomile water to steam!

The steam helps the skin by opening your pores so products absorb better.


This is one of my must have products. A facial mist can help provide the skin with a burst of hydration any time of day. My go to? The Avene Eau Thermale


Switching from a lotion to a cream can be a great way to give your skin better hydration. I like to use a cream-based moisturizer at night. This allows the skin to absorb the product and your skin will look dewy in the morning. Here are some of my favs and what I personally use:


Dry lips can hurt! Don’t lick or bite your lips that only makes things worse!

Vaseline, Aquaphor , and CeraVe healing ointment are great options.


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