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My Personal Skincare Musts Haves: A Dermatologists Tips

As a Dermatologist, Precovid, I did not have any downtime for my skin.

Being in clinic or meetings with red peeling skin was not an option.

During this time, I have been able to use the powerful duo of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Vitamin A products including retinols and retinoids make my skin red and peel.

The good news with masks and zoom no one knows.

So here is more information on one of my favorite skincare skin changing combinations,


As a dermatologist, I am about prevention. This applies for Skin Cancer and Photo Ageing.

Two of my must have ingredients are Vitamin C and Vitamin A to help prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

From brightening your complexion and reducing dark spots to increasing the rate of cell turnover, using both will improve the texture, tone and quality of your skin.

VITAMIN C BENEFITS As you all know by now, I am a big believer in topical Vitamin C.

There are multiple proven clinical trials and real evidence based science behind it.

L-ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant and it helps to fight free radicals. These are common things we are all exposed to like pollution, UV rays, stress, and blue light from our laptops and phones.

Free radicals are pro-inflammatory and can break down collagen and cause premature aging. VITAMIN A BENEFITS

Retinol is the gold-standard of anti-aging skin care for dermatologists.

A derivative of vitamin A, retinol naturally occurs in the skin and is proven to improve the look of dark spots and pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, skin texture, and tone.

Vitamin A is great for your skin and can cause some initial peeling and redness this is why it is important to see your board certified dermatologist.

Usually we will start you on a customized concentration of the ingredient and to help build up your skin’s tolerance to it.

How to Use Vitamin C and Vitamin A

Apply Vitamin C in the morning first, wait a few minutes then apply sunscreen.

Vitamin A should be part of your evening routine, as it can cause sensitivity to sunlight. You can add on a moisturizer in conjunction with your Vitamin A to help with dryness and peeling.

This combination is such a great skin brightener and will give you that healthy skin glow.

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