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Your Beauty Checklist: How to Prep Your Skin and Hair for Your Holiday Parties

If you are prepping for a gathering.

Here are some tips to look at feel your best.

Do A Test Run:

A few days before, put your planned look on. It’s the best time to see if your hair, makeup and outfit all work together to give you time to make changes and reduce stress the day of the event. It’s better to try on your shoe options, accessories when you have time. It can be so stressful to do this the night of.

Have Time for Hair

A good hair care regimen is a must, even if you are staying in or going to a party.

Don’t do anything too drastic a few days before: Color change, a new stylist for highlights are a NO. If you don’t like it you may be stuck.

I recommend an ultra-repairing hair mask once a week and more if your hair is processed and a few drops of a repairing serum after styling your hair.

Shine and keeping your hair hydrated is important just like your skin.

Pro-Tip: when you wash your hair: place the shampoo onto your hands lather it up and then massage onto the scalp (your hair doesn’t need a lot of shampoo your scalp does).

Prep Your Hands, Feet, Nails

Don’t forget your feet, hands and nails.. Schedule your mani-pedi a day or two before your event to make sure your nails are chip-free.

For your elbows and heels, apply one of my fav’s Glytone’s Ultra softening Heel and Elbow Cream to keep your skin looking great!

Keep Your Body Moisturized

Alcohol, lots of sugar, and stress can really cause havoc on your skin. Make sure it’s ready to withstand all those stressors by keeping it moisturized and hydrated. Drink plenty of water during the day and have another glass just before bed, and always apply a moisturizing lotion before stepping out.

Last-Minute Acne

Pimple on the day of an event? Don’t touch it, squeeze it, or think about popping it That’s only going to make things worse. But don’t panic. Use a spot treatment to reduce redness and inflammation, apply concealer and you’re good to go.


Perfect time of the year for a red lip my favorite is YSL (very hydrating). Perfect time of the year for some shine on your cheeks love the Dior quad and a plum smokey eye.

Most of all have fun! Be safe and thankful for love, health, and another year filled with blessings!


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