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New Highlights and Blond for the Summer: How To Treat Your Processed Hair

Here are some tips for hair health and help with breakage, split ends, dry patches, and really uneven length.

Shampoo Gently

The first step everyone should take when treating over-processed hair is to be gentle while shampooing and avoid scrubbing too harshly. When you shampoo your hair, you really want to focus the product and your scrubbing action on your scalp. Hair is most fragile when wet, so the next time you're washing your hair, make sure to be gentle and focus your shampoo on your scalp.

Squeeze the excess water out of your hair before applying conditioner or a mask, and clip it up to penetrate the hair better so it stays on your hair for a longer amount of time. When you are almost done your shower always rinse out the conditioner completely out at the end of your shower.

Avoid Towel-Drying

Putting a heavy towel pull at your hair! We have all done this one. Instead use a microfiber hair turban and let your hair dry slowly. This will lock in the moisture and keep your hair hydrated.

Add Moisture Back

Try using a deep conditioning mask when you shower instead of your conditioner.

This way, you're putting in the maximum moisture with every wash. I recommend leaving it in up to 20 minutes and then rinsing thoroughly.

Cut The Ends Regularly

A good haircut will also help hair that has had a bit too much chemical processing. The cut will take off any split ends that may travel up the hair. Damaged strands can break and up the shaft making the hair shorter, so often a good cut can help.


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