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Healthy Hair Starts at the Roots

The health of your scalp directly translates to the health of your hair.


Your scalp is the skin on your head. The hair follicles need to have an optimum environment. Your skin turns over approximately every 28 days. If you don’t wash your hair, build up of dead skin can accumulate on the scalp. Many female patients often are afraid to wash their scalp because they see hair in the shower drain afterwards. But we normally have about 100 hairs fall out every day and about 100 hairs grow back, so the more days we wait, the larger the number of dislodged hairs. Regular cleaning with well-formulated shampoo will not damage hair. Here are some of my favorites: Shampoos


Shampoo can strip the hair's natural oils. The oils keep your hair looking shiny I recommend to look for shampoos with the words strengthening, restorative, or repair. This is not a guarantee but some of these types of shampoo work with the keratin in your hair to help repair the damaged protein structures. (Look for hydrating shampoos).


When your hair is wet, it is the most fragile. So many of us use a towel like a turban and that can damage your hair. Instead try a microfiber hair towel which can soak up water quickly with less damage to the hair.

A Heat and UV Protectant

Heat is so damaging to our hair. Curling irons, flatirons can hit over 400 degrees! That can fry your hair! If you are going to use hot tools, make sure you protect your hair with a heat protectant. This protects hair to prevent dehydration and preserve the hair cuticle.

A Deep Conditioning Mask

At least once a week, try a deep conditioning mask for your hair type: dry, color treated, or curly. Look for products that promote hydration and seal the cuticle to protect it from UV rays.


Be careful what type of brush you use. Those with rough or wiry bristles can lead to breakage. Also, those big round metal brushes for a blowout can get super hot and actually burn the cuticle. Instead, I recommend a rubber paddle brush with smooth synthetic bristles.

All of these changes will help to make a noticeable difference in the hair of your health.

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